200603131027220.wilfried_1Wilfried Scharf/Zither

has run the zither class at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz since 1989. Since 1986 he is also a member of the "Innviertler Künstlergilde". As a soloist and leader of the renowned ensemble SALZBURGER SAITENKLANG he has gained an international reputation. His musical range extends from folk music to classical pieces through to contemporary instrumental music.



Solo-Performances (Excerpt):



· Seoul - Manila - Concert tours across the former German Democratic Republic – Dresden/Kulturpalast - Chemnitz/Stadthalle - Wiener Rathaus with the NÖ. Tonkünstler Orchestra - Albertina/Wien - Kuala Lumpur -Japan


· New Year's Concert „Salute to Vienna" in Toronto

· "Third-Man-Show" in Kanada, Hamburg, Bremen, Bern


· New Year's Concert „Salute to Vienna" in Pittsburgh

· Japan-Tour with the Austrian Johann Strauss Ensemble

· In concert with the Wiener Johann Strauss-Orchester at Wiener Musikverein Concert hall

· Bruckner Festival: Zither solo in „Aufstieg und Fall der Stadt Mahagonny"

· Festival der Regionen „Der Mensch ist, was er isst"




· New Year's Concerts "Salute to Vienna" in Vancouver and Victoria

· Matinée at the Brucknerhaus Linz with the Bruckner Orchestra

· „Musik der Völker" at the Brucknerhaus Linz


· New Year's Concerts „Salute to Vienna" in San Diego and Los Angeles

· Appearance in the musical „Sound of Music" at the Landestheater Linz

· In concert with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra in Phoenix/ Arizona for "A night in Vienna"


· New Year's Concerts „Salute to Vienna" in Hamilton and Detroit

· Concerts with the Johann Strauss-Ensemble in Athens and Budapest

· CD-production with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra

· Concert with the Ambassade Orchestra at the Wiener Musikverein Concert hall

· Concerts in China with the Johann Strauss Ensemble

· Soloist at the Christmas concert of the RBB in Berlin


· New Year's Concerts „Salute to Vienna" in New York/Avery Fisher Hall and Philadelphia

· Appearance at the Semperoper in Dresden in "Mahagonny"

· Concert tour with the Johann Strauss Ensemble (Freistadt, Mariazell, Budapest, Varazdin, Koprivnica)


· Appearance at the Semperoper in Dresden in "Mahagonny"

· In concert with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra at the Bregenz Festival


· Concert tour with the Johann Strauss Ensemble in Spain (Vigo, Lugo, Pontevedra)

· Concerts at the Kokle-Festival in Riga

· Concert in Tokio

· Concert with the Johann Strauss Ensemble in Istanbul

· Concert at the "World of Mercedes" in Berlin


· Participation in the 7th Conducting Workshop in Berlin

· Soloist at the Gustav-Mahler-Competition in Viktring

· Solo concerts in Japan

· Soloist in the operetta "Der Vogelhändler" at Landestheater Linz

· Appearance at the "World of Mercedes" in Berlin


· New Year's Concert with the St. Gallen Symphony at Tonhalle

· Concerts at CIRCUS - Linz 09

· Solo-Performance at the jubilee-concert of REGENSBURG zither-club


· New Year's concert with Ambassade-Orchestra in Linz

· New Year's concert with Bläserphilharmonie Salzburg/Grosses Festspielhaus

· Concert with the National Orchestra of Belgium in Roselare/Belgium

· Matinée in Kronstorf

· Concerts in Tokyo

· Concert in Klagenfurt

· Concert im Schloß Feldegg

· Performance with Johann Strauss Ensemble in Bukarest

· Performance at Mercedes-Welt Berlin


· Concert Zither/Guitar in Eferding

· Concert in Altötting

· Performance with NÖ Militärmusikkapelle in St. Pölten/Festspielhaus

· Concert with chamber orchestra Haidershofen/Garsten

· Eurasian Zitherfestival in Ulan Ude and Yakutsk

· Venue at Mercedes-Welt in Berlin


· TV spot "Land und Leute"·

· ORF-Radiofrühschoppen

. Concert in Malaga/Spain

. Concert at Rosengarten/Linz

. Zitherfestival in Waakirchen/Tegernsee


· Seminar and concert at Music Academy Markneukirchen (since 2003)

· Workshop for zither and concert in Velenje/Slowenia (2005-2007)

· Workshops in Sarnen/Switzerland (2003-2010)

· Presentation at the Creativity-Conference in Riga (2006)

· Presentation of the zither at the Chatkan-Festival in Abakan/Sibiria (2007)

· Zither-Seminar in Egg/Lingenau (2007)

· Workshops at the University for Music in Porto (2008

· Zither-Workshop in Zushi City/Japan (2008)

· Workshops at the University for Music in Tallinn (2009)

· International String Music Days in Braunau am Inn (2007-2009)

· Workshop in Dublin (2010)

· Zither-Workshop in Tokyo (2010)

· Workshop at University for Education in Setubal/Portugal (2011)

· Workshop at Nordland University in Bodoe/Norway (2011)

. VAMÖO-Zitherseminar in Zeillern (2011/2012)

· Workshop at University of Cadiz/Spain (2012) 

. Worshops at University of Granada (2012)

. Music conference in Moskau (2012)



· Cultural award by the government of Upper Austria (2006)